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TDD Thoughts

Coming from a Computer Science background academically, and in a fervant effort to embrace the “E” in SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), I have been spending a fair amount of time “drinking the Kool-Aid” when it comes to modern development practices.

While controversial in some circles (a few minutes with your favorite search engine will find plenty who love it, and others that adamantly hate it), I think the industry at large has accepted that Test Driven Development (TDD), or perhaps more appropriately Behavior Driven Development (BDD), makes it easier for developers to have confidence in their code and iterate faster.

My own experience has certainly proved this, with “red green refactor” being something I often wake up saying in my sleep (usually in a cold sweat, after a recurring black and white scene where I am sitting in front of a large mission-critical codebase with no tests)… However, while the general practice is well understood, there are common anti-patterns and nuance to be aware of.

In a recent round of “Google Engineering” (not working for Google, just typing random phrases in their search engine like a monkey trying to reproduce Shakespeare ;-) ), I came across an excellent video which describes some of the anti-patterns, and references an amazingly succinct blog post discussing the nuance of “mocking” (something I have personally struggled with). While neither of these are “new”, I found them rather enlightening so wanted to share!

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Hello World!

As the name implies, this is my first attempt at a blog post created using Jekyll and GitHub Pages… be afraid, be VERY afraid!

For anyone interested in a similar diversion… The mobile-friendly theme is Lanyon, and here’s an awesome read to get started if you’ve never played with Jekyl before (while based around a different theme, it’s a thorough overview of the setup and publishing process).

Last but not least, this blog post gives a nice summary of steps to get your GitHub Pages blog served from a convenient sub-directory of your GitHub Pages based website (if, like me, you want to host static pages on your front page).

Stay tuned for more earth shattering posts!

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